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hmassman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the story by Franz Kafka, “Metamorphosis,” Gregor experiences an interesting family situation. Although Gregor supports and cares about his family, he does not appear to feel very close to them. As a result, he provides for them financially; however, there appears to be a lack of close familiarity between them.

Throughout the story, the readers begin to learn that Gregor has been providing for his family financially. As the story unravels, it becomes evident that Gregor’s father lost his business and that Gregor took it upon himself to help his family. Although Gregor’s family is appreciative, they do not seem as grateful as they once were or even very close to Gregor (especially his parents). As shown in the story:

They had become quite accustomed to it [Gregor's financial support], both the family and Gregor as well. They took the money with thanks, and he happily surrendered it, but the special warmth was no longer present.

Furthermore, Gregor illustrates that he cares about his family; however, there is much he does not know about them. For example, he does not realize that his parents have been saving money or that they have saved money from his father’s past business. Regardless of him not being familiar with this more personal information, he still cares about them and desires to provide for them. He also cares about their passions and interests, especially with his sister. He desires to pay for her to go to the conservatory to learn the violin more, which she loves.

Consequently, Gregor has an interesting home environment. Although he provides for his family, he lacks knowledge about some of the more personal information. Despite this lack of closeness, he continues to care about their necessities and even their interests.