In "The Metamorphoses," what is Gregor Samsa's view towards his own life? And how is one supposed to live the life he has?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gregor Samsa lives with his family and supports them financially.  I would characterize his life as one that is oppressive and empty.  He is accepting of his role as provider for his family; however, he sometimes wonders why they do not appreciate all that he does to provide for him.  He does what he must do to keep the family going.  His mother and father (along with this sister) are ungrateful and they simply expect Gregor to do his job in supporting them all. He is a dependable worker who has a run-of-the-mill traveling salesman job.  He lives "inside the box," so to speak.  

Gregor is not close to his mother and father, but has a somewhat close relationship with his sister.  After Gregor changes into an insect, he begins to put his own wants and needs ahead of his family's, which does not suit them well at all. They begin to shun him and to treat him poorly.  He stands his ground, however, until he realizes that they truly want to be rid of him:

In the end...he reverts to his self-sacrificing ways by willingly going to his death because his family wants to be rid of him. (eNotes)
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