What were the great achievements of American women during World War I?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Women played a big role during World War I.  When the men went off to fight in the war, many women took over the jobs in the industries where the men had been working. These jobs were essential to the war effort.  These jobs included making weapons for the army and uniforms for the soldiers. Women also worked in the shipping industry so these items could reach the soldiers.  Additionally, the women had to take care of the jobs around the house as well as raise the children while their husbands were gone.

Women also served in the military.  While women were not allowed to fight in the war, they did serve in positions such as nurses and secretaries.  Women played an important role in the military since there was a shortage of people to fill all of these jobs.

Women, either at home or abroad, played an important role in World War I.