What is the "Graveyard School of Poetry"?

kc4u | Student

The 'Graveyard School' refers to a genre evolving in the domain of 18th century English poetry.Perhaps the earliest example would be Thomas Parnell's 'A Night-Piece on Death'(1721). The so-called school of poetry dealing with death, bereavement, the grave, the physical manifestations of morbidity etc was chiefly modelled on Robert Blair's long popular poem, 'The Grave'(1743). Edward Young's blank-verse poem, 'Night Thoughts'(1742-45) was a more celebrated example. Thomas Gray's famous work, 'An Elegy Written on a Country Church-Yard' reflected the more meditative aspect of this pre-Romantic school.

lit24 | Student

The term "Graveyard School of Poetry" refers to a group of Pre-Romantic English poets of the 18th cetury whose poetry dealt mainly with the themes of death and mortality, with specific references to funerals and graves.

The earliest poem attributed to this school of poetry belongs to Thomas Parnell's "A Night-Piece on Death" (1721). Other famous poets of this school are Thomas Gray,Thomas Chatterton, and Robert Blair whose "The Grave" (1743) is considered to be the best example of this type of poetry.

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