What is a graphic study of the role of Mahatma Gandhi in India's freedom?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would examine the task description of what is being asked of you in the assignment.  This would be the first step.  Graphic studies are visual representations of different elements.  This would be why being able to consult the assignment is going to be of critical importance.  I think that you might need to do some reflection as to how to graphically represent Gandhi’s role in the independence movement and the freedom of the nation.  How does one show this?  What does this look like?  How does one find a graphic image to represent Gandhi’s importance?  A larger issue that might have to be addressed along these lines is whether or not you can articulate the difference between gaining independence and maintaining it.  There is considerable debate and discussion about how Gandhi’s approach might have differed from Nehru’s in terms of understanding the political and social realities within which Independence was forged.  Once this is established, the next challenge is how does one graphically depict such a dynamic.  Consulting the task description and your instructor’s requirements and then performing some intense reflection about critical issues and how they can be represented in a graphical manner is going to be where I see this having to go before any work can be produced.