What is Grant's impression of the black society in Chapter 5 of A Lesson Before Dying?

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In Chapter 5 of A Lesson Before Dying, Grant listens to the children recite their Bible verses; and before the children speak, he already knows which verse each will recite. Similarly, when Grant looks around the quarter, he can list the daily routines of each family that lives there. The children will go to school for half the year, and help their families in the fields for the other half. To Grant, black society as embodied in the quarter is limited and offers little opportunities. The people who currently live in the quarter are the ancestors of those who lived in the same place before them--Grant thinks that black society never really changes. Grant often feels like his own life is like running in place, yet he does not know what move to make in order to make things better for himself. Similarly, people in the quarter remain because that is all that they know and thus grow content.