What is Granny trying to prove?I want to know what she is trying to prove and why is she trying to prove it.

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Overall, Granny Weatherall tries to prove through her self-analysis that her life was never wasted, and this is a direct denial of a life very seldom contemplated internally.

Going back in the story, you see how Granny Weatherall had several moments in life where "the bottom was removed from underneath her world". Yet, she appears as a character who blinds herself to essential truths such as:

a. Her treatment to others, which is not always the best yet she hides under a charitable behavior of saving animals and strays.

b. The fact that she had an unhappy marriage, or a marriage she wasn't entirely satisfied with.

c. The treatment of her children, mostly like reflections of her own domestic goddess image rather than of independent human beings.

d. The fact that she lived her life needing to be needed.

e. The denial that the jilting that took place 60 years prior was in fact a life changing event for her, that it was traumatic, and that it set the wheels in motion to her current life.

f. She also denied that she was sick, and denied that she needed help.

All this combined you can conclude that she was trying to prove that her life was well-lived, and that the incident of the jilting had no effect whatsoever  in her life. We know that this is not true, and it is more evident when she, ultimately, asks for a prove of an afterlife as she is dying. As the proof never came, she plunged into the despair as if this had been a sign from God that all her fears were true, and that her life was, in fact, a consequence of the jilting.

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