What is Granger's logic on books in Fahrenheit 451?Granger is one of the men he met by the railroads.

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Granger was a librarian in his "former" life, before he punched a fireman who came burn his library and he has had to live on the run ever since.

For Granger, books are not only the cumulative record of man's successes and mistakes, but it is the way in which society can be rebuilt after the wars, after the dictatorships fall.

When he asks Montag what he has brought with him, Montag sheepishly admits he thinks he has some Ecclesiastes and Revelations, books of the Bible, but fears he has lost even those.  Granger and friends have come up with a way to retrieve everything a man has ever read, and once it is safe, they will reprint the books from memory, or pass them on to their children until it is safe to do so.