What is the grandmother called in The Lucky One?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Beth calls her grandmother “Nana,” and so does everyone else.

Nana is affectionately called Nana by just about everyone.  Nana raised Beth since she was a child and her parents died in a car accident.  Nana has recently been needing help since she had a stroke.

She’s getting better, but the stroke took a lot out of her.  Her left side is still really weak. (p. 29)

Nana still tries to be useful despite her condition and “stroke or no stroke, Nana could take care of herself” (p. 104). She is a warm, affection woman.  She gives Logan a job at the kennel because she feels sorry for him.  This is good, because Logan wants to be a part of Elizabeth’s life, and Nana is a big part of it.

cutemii134 | Student

They'll be called suga, sweetie pie, baby,or a nickname that she given you.