What is Graff going to do now that the war is over in Ender's Game?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the war is over, Graff becomes the Minister of Colonization for the Hegemony. 

Now that the war is over, they can go their separate ways.  Anderson becomes the commissioner of the football league because he loves games, and wants to see children and adults playing them again, for fun.

"As soon as we get the reports back on the bugger colony worlds. I mean, there they are, already fertile, with housing and industry in place, and all the buggers dead. Very convenient. We'll repeal the population limitation laws--" (ch 15)

Unfortunately, Ender has to remain on Eros.  He wants to return to Earth, where he is considered the hero who saved the human race.  He agrees to be the governor for the colonists, although he does not want to at first.  Ender even learns the truth behind the buggers, and writes a book to let the humans on Earth know the truth.