What grade was Nick Allen in when he was making the peep sound in Mrs. Avery's classroom in the book Frindle?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nick Allen had to have been in the fourth grade when he was making the "peep" sound in Mrs. Avery's classroom.  Although the author does not specifically say that was the grade he was in, he gives the reader clear hints that this was the case.  The story beginswith the author telling about the time

 "in third grade (when) Nick decided to turn Miss Deaver's room into a tropical island". 

The author describes Nick's antics during that year, then two pages later, says,

"About a year later, Nick made the great blackbird discovery...because of the way sound travels, the hunter birds can't tell where the high-pitched chirp is coming from".

This information tells the reader that Nick, who had been in the third grade during the tropical island stunt, would now be in the fourth grade, a year later.  The author goes on to tell about his teacher at that time, Mrs. Avery, saying,

"The next day during silent reading, Nick glanced at his teacher, and he noticed that Mrs. Avery's nose was curved - kind of like the beak of a hawk.  So Nick let out a high, squeaky, blackbird 'peep'!"

The author goes on to talk about the "peep" prank to the end of the first chapter.  The second chapter begins with a description of fifth grade, and Mrs. Granger.  It is clear that at Lincoln Elementary School, Nick had Miss Deaver in third grade, Mrs. Avery in fourth grade, and Mrs. Granger as one of his teachers in fifth grade (Chapters 1-2).