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What is the government system or structure in Verona, Italy. Please provide detail about its government structure and how its system works. Is it a democracy, republic, dictatorship or anything? Is there even a government system in a city or it follow the government system of Italy?

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The city of Verona, Italy, reached its political pinnacle during the time of the play, Romeo and Juliet.  At that time, Verona was the seat of power of the della Scala family, also known as the Scaligeri.  This rule lasted from 1277-1387.  As a Renaissance city, it was under the government of the Venetians, and remained there until 1796 when the Republic of Venice was raided by Napoleon's troops.  In 1797, the populace drove out the French, but the Venetian Republic was destroyed, and Verona became part of Austria in 1798.  However, Verona became part of the kingdom of Italy in 1805, but was again returned to Austria after Napoleon's defeat.  Finally, in 1866, Venice and Verona became part of Italy.

The government of Italy is a democratic republic, which replaced the monarcy in 1946.  Citizens elect the Parliament, the prime minister is chosen by the Republic President and must be approved by the Parliament.  Verona is part of this government.  Its city government is headed by a mayor (sindaco) and elected council (consigilio communal).

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