What is goverment?I think chief minister is called goverment. Is it right? Actually sometimes any Minister does anything for public, then it is called that Goverment that did it.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The government of a country is the people who are in control of that country at a particular time.  The term generally refers to both the elected parts of the government (the legislature and the executive, for example) and the unelected civil servants who carry out the laws that are made by the elected officials.

The term "government" can also refer to the party that is in power in a parliamentary system.  For example, we refer to the current "coalition government" in Great Britain.  In this case, we are still talking about the people who are in control of the country (as discussed above) but we are also talking specifically about the party that is in power.

Overall, then, both of the things you are referring to are part of government.  The chief minister or prime minister is the leader of the government, but all of the other ministers (and their subordinate civil servants) are part of the government too.

alexprajapati | Student

The government is the body of which by whom is developed a suitable atmosphere for us and everybody. We can say that government makes legal rules and  force us to don't do unlegal work as theft and many more as tree cutting because it can be dangerous for us and for our future life ..