What are the gothic elements presented in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" ?

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Gothic literature also focuses on both presenting and eliciting intense emotions from the reader, particularly horror.  Gothic literature is a subgenre of Romantic literature, and the Romantics privileged emotion over reason, believing that since the ability to feel deeply does not have to be taught (and logic does), feeling intense emotions must be a truer way to reach our humanity.  For  gothic writers, what emotion could be more intense than horror or fear?

In "The Tell-Tale Heart ," Poe provokes his reader to feel horror by presenting a narrator who chooses his victim without a logical motive.  The speaker tells us that he does not want the old man's money, that the old man has never wronged him, and even that he cares for the old man.  He chooses to murder the old man because of his "vulture eye": his blue eye which seems to be clouded as a result of his cataract.  Next, the narrator's treatment of the old man—being extremely nice to him while plotting his murder—is...

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