What are the gothic elements in The Picture of Dorian Gray?

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Although The Picture of Dorian Gray deceptively begins as a novel of manners with satirical and witty dialogue from Lord Henry, it takes a dark turn and ends up incorporating many Gothic elements. Specifically, a curse, supernatural elements, a Byronic hero, a hidden chamber, and horrific crimes lend a Gothic feel to the novel.

The curse takes a surprising form in this novel. Rather than being a familial curse that plagues the main character, the curse comes out of Dorian's own mouth as a fleeting wish. He states that he wishes the portrait would grow old and ugly but that he would always remain as youthful as the painting looks now. As he utters the wish, he makes a Faustian bargain, declaring that he would give his soul for such an outcome. Ironically, he does just that. The wish that turns to a curse and the Faustian bargain are darkly Gothic.

Obviously, the novel incorporates the supernatural . The fact that the painting ages but Dorian doesn't is an impossibility that requires the...

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