What are the gothic elements found in the story "Sir Edmund Orme" by Henry James?

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Some gothic elements in Sir Edmund Orme include:

1) Women in distress, often exhibiting nervous, overwrought emotions.

It is obvious to the narrator that something is affecting Mrs. Marden's peace of mind when she exhibits strange behavior. At the Parade, the narrator observes that Mrs. Marden 'has obviously had some shock' after Charlotte's return from her walk with Captain Bostwick. On another occasion, with seemingly no reason to, Mrs. Marden spills her tea over the narrator after dinner; she mysteriously hints later that she has 'intuitions.'

2) The presence of the supernatural.

It is obvious that Mrs. Marden is terrified of Sir Edmund Orme's appearance; Charlotte does not see him until he appears at her mother's deathbed. Indeed, Mrs. Marden confirms to the narrator that Sir Edmund Orme is dead and has come back to inflict suffering on her for cruelly discarding him to marry...

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