What is good way to write about aspirin in the closing paragraph on a essay?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Without knowing what your essay has specified in it, it is not possible  to suggest detailed sentences for a conclusion on aspirin.  In general terms, then, the conclusion, much like the introduction, frames an essay and serves two purposes:

  1. It rewords the main points of the essay, acting as a reminder of these points
  2. It provides a sense of finality to the reader.

In order to remind the reader of the main points, the writer rewords his/her thesis statement. And, the sentence that is the final remark, so to speak, is often referred to as the "clincher."  The simplest clincher is a reminder of the "hook" or motivator that has been used in the introduction. This clincher, then, brings the paper "full circle" and provides a definitive ending.  So, return to your essay's introduction and form your conclusion from it.

In addition to reminding the reader of the hook of the introduction, a clincher can also extend the thought just a little further.  For instance, if you have written of the scientific benefits of aspirin, you could write a sentence expressing the idea that reaching for the aspirin bottle unthinkingly when one has a headache is not merely a selfish act to relieve pain, but a beneficial one to the body.

jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The closing paragraph of an essay generally repeats the thesis, or main idea of the essay, in different words and leaves the reader with a wider thought. If, for example, your essay is about the amazing medical benefits of aspirin, you can restate these benefits and then perhaps conclude with a thought along with the lines of how incredible such an inexpensive and long-standing drug is, and how we just need to look in our medicine cabinet to find medicines that can, for example, save lives through preventing heart attacks.

If, however, you've written about another subject—say, how aspirin is overprescribed—your conclusion would be different. After restating your thesis (using different words from the thesis statement you presented in your first paragraph), you might want to conclude with a thought about how many medicines are overprescribed. The idea is to step back from your essay and end with a thought that encompasses a wider field.