What is a good way to open a paper on astigmatism?

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Write the introduction of your paper on astigmatism with a hook, such as an anecdote or shocking statistic.

When you are writing a paper, the introduction is the most important part.  It is the road map to what you will be writing about, or proving.

Every good introduction has these components.

Hook- Catch your reader’s attention.

Thesis- Explain your paper in one sentence.

-Preview- Describe what your paper is about, previewing what you will be writing about.

You are asking about the hook.  For a paper on a scientific or health related topic like astigmatism, the best way to get the reader’s attention is anecdote or statistic.  You will also want to include a solid, simple definition, like this one from enotes.

Astigmatism is the result of an inability of the cornea to properly focus an image onto the retina.

An anecdote is a little personal story.  It can be about you or someone else.  If you chose this topic, perhaps you have a personal connection to it?  For example, you can describe an experience you had.  How you were diagnosed and treated are good ways to end the story.

A second good scientific hook is a statistic.  You will want to provide specifics.  As ABC News notes, astigmatism is so common almost everyone has it to some degree.  Severe astigmatism occurs to one in every 3 people.  That means about 33% or one third of us have it!  That is what I like to call a shocking statistic, and a good way to open your paper.


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