What is a good way for me to remember the quadratic formula? 

shmindle | Student

Here are some other funny/ clever ways to memorize the quadratic formula.  I personally learned it by the "Pop Goes the Weasel" song, as other commenters mentioned, but hope these videos help! 

Story form:


The Cup Song:


Good Luck!

thewanderlust878 | Student

Like a lot of people, I too learned the quadratic formula through the tune "pop goes the weasel". I learned it in 6th grade, and over 6 years later, I still remember every part of it. With the helpfulness of YouTube, one can learn to remember it that way, but you also mustn't forget how to use it (which is actually more important than simply remembering it; if you don't know how to use it, what's the point of having it memorized?). I suggest working on problems that involve the quadratic formula, and as you are working through the problem, recite the formula out loud to help you remember it better, and how to use it. 

Hope this helps!

ieasley | Student

Memorizing a formula such as the quadratic formula can be really hard. Try finding a song that is easy to remember (like a nursery rhyme) and setting the formula to the tune. I learned the quadratic formula to pop goes the weasel. 

Attached is the youtbue video I used! Good Luck!!!


ritzcrackers | Student

The quadratic formula is definitely hard to memorize, but it is not difficult the key is practice! The way I personally remember it is I made up a little tune to sing it in. You could also try putting the formula into your favorite song instead of the lyrics. If a song doesn't help you, you can try to reread a thousand times. What may also help is to just continue copying it down multiple times. Each person's way to remember it is different, but a song or tune definitely helps. I'm sure people have even uploaded YouTube videos of it.

iamkaori | Student

I learnt it through a song in the tune of 'Pop Goes the Weasel".

I attached a link, hope it helps!

ssandhu05 | Student

The way that I had learned to memorize the quadratic formula was by singing the song that my Algebra teacher had taught my class. She had us singing it repeatedly throughout the course of many days until it was engrained into our minds. I've provided a Youtube video on it as a reference link down below. Hope it helps.

aishukul | Student

For me, it was really helpful to listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lbABbfU6Zc.

It goes by the tune of the song "Pop Goes the Weasel". I listened to it over and over again to memorize the quadratic formula. And even today, 4 years later, I still remember the song and often sing it when I need to solve a problem with the quadratic formula.

You can also practice and practice with lots of problems on the quadratic formula so it sticks in your brain. But I suggest listening to the song since it is much easier and since it's catchy, you'll memorize it in no time! :)

amysor | Student

Any cool learning device that works for you. For me, I learned it through a little song. Maybe a dance and song could work for you! Also, the best way to learn a formula is to understand it, use it in practice problems. Try to them without looking at a reference, eventually, it will be second nature! Don't worry, in no time, you could say it with no help, just practice the formula more!