What is a good vision statement for a technology class for students in (k-12)?

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The "vision" of a group, project, or plan is part of the strategic planning that is required to ensure success.  The vision is the philosophical projection of the group or project; it is the ideal "place" where members of a team want to be as a result of the interventions that will be put into place to achieve the mission and purpose.

In a technology class for 21st century learners, the ultimate objective is to create students who can use technology, but who can also revise it, trouble shoot it, understand it, re-create it, and expand upon it.

Therefore, what the teacher would want to visualize is a group of students working together, effectively and productively using every possible tool that they can lay their hand on without fear. Since a vision resembles a mantra, you want to send out a message that is simple, yet powerful and emotive. An example is "Preparing Today for the World of Tomorrow" or "Paving the Way for the World of Tomorrow".