What would be a good topic sentence I can use for my body paragraph based on the theme of pride in The Crucible and using Elizabeth as evidence?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let us remember that a good topic sentence should introduce the main point of the body paragraph clearly. It should signpost directly to the reader what that particular paragraph is going to be focusing on and it should state the main idea you are trying to prove in that one sentence. In a sense, I always encourage my students to think of the topic sentence in a main paragraph as if it were a kind of mini-introduction that does the same job an introduction does, but only for that paragraph.

Therefore, what you will write in this topic sentence depends a lot on what you want to say about pride and how it relates to Elizabeth Proctor. You should think through what the point is that you want to make and see if you can express it in a simple sentence. An example could be:

The theme of pride is shown in the character of Elizabeth and the way that she defends herself from the accusations made against her.

Obviously, you will have to adapt that depending on what you are going to say and which particular parts of the play you are going to use as proof of what you say. Hope this helps! Good luck!