What is a good topic to pick for an Ancient Rome project that I won't get tired of and that won't be too boring?My teacher said that we can do anything we want for the project and I have no ideas.

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You will have to decide what aspect of Ancient Rome would be most interesting for your project. There are many possibilities!

Consider looking at the Roman development and construction of the aqueducts. These architectural masterpieces demonstrated the engineering expertise of the Roman designers and builders, gave witness to the financial resources of the Empire that built and maintained these expensive and ambitious construction projects, and provided a constant source of water for the community bathhouses that marked civilized living in Roman cities.

Consider slavery in Ancient Rome. You could examine where the slaves were obtained, who owned slaves, the types of work performed by slaves, and the ways in which slaves were treated by their owners. You could also look at the process by which many slaves did eventually win their freedom.

Consider trade and business in the Roman Empire. Surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea and with an elaborate system of roads overland to all of its widespread colonies, goods were imported and exported within the Roman Empire and with other areas. You could look at particular products, focus on the seagoing or overland trade routes, or trace how the market for some items changed over time.

And, of course, you could do many projects based on various aspects of the impact of military actions and persons on Ancient Rome. Pick a specific leader of the military, choose a time period and evaluate all the conflicts that occurred during that span of years, identify an area away from what is now Italy and describe how it was conquered and brought under the control of the Roman government.