What is a good title for Chapter 11 in Bud Not Buddy?

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A good title for Chapter Eleven of Bud, Not Buddy could be "Lefty Lewis, the Vampire of Grand Rapids."

This title would humorously represent the contents of this chapter, in which Bud tries to drive off in the car of the stranger--later revealed to be Mr. "Lefty" Lewis--who has offered to give him a ride to Grand Rapids. Bud sees vials of blood in Lewis' car and thinks that the man must be a vampire; after his quick escape attempt fails, Mr. Lewis assures him,

Bud, if I was a vampire I wouldn't have to catch little boys, I'd just stick my fangs into one of those bottles and have my supper. Besides, where've you ever heard of a vampire that knew how to drive a car?

Bud learns that Mr. Lewis is delivering the blood to Hurley Hospital in Flint. He is not a vampire after all! Mr. Lewis kindly offers to drive Bud to Grand Rapids after Bud lies and claims that he ran away from his "home" and father, Herman E. Calloway. Mr. Lewis takes Bud to the city safely, and the two join Mr. Lewis' family for a large breakfast. 

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