What is a good title?I'm writing about the struggle for power and I need help with a good title, or something I can tweak and make my own. Thanks

Expert Answers
lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A good title will be give a preview of the topic of the paper.  You say that that your are writing about the struggle for power, but your title needs to provide a context for that struggle.  If you are writing about two countries heading in a war, your title could be "The Struggle for Control of Land."  A paper about the Civil War:  "The Struggle to Maintain the Union."  A paper about the suffrage movement:  "The Struggle for a Voice."  You need to ask yourself what is the struggle really about?  What does each party in the struggle have to lose or gain? Your title should allude to those ideas.  Work on being clear before you worry about being clever.  A fun and clever title is nice, but don't forget that your title is the first impression you make on the reader, and first and foremost, you want the topic of your paper to be clear.