What are the good things Julius Caesar did as emperor?I am doing a debate on Julius Caesar and his execution, and I have to defend him and the good things he did as emperor, and I have to defend...

What are the good things Julius Caesar did as emperor?

I am doing a debate on Julius Caesar and his execution, and I have to defend him and the good things he did as emperor, and I have to defend his personal doings as conquerer and how that helped him and made him famous.

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juergems eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't want to be too picky, but Caesar was not an emperor (Rome wasn't an Empire, but rather a Republic while he was alive). For about a month before his assassination, he was the officially elected "dictator until death,"(which you could probably say is pretty close to being an emperor) and before that just a "dictator," which was a temporary role that held the highest authority in Rome's system of magistrates, but still not complete authority.  

His successor, Augustus, is considered to be the first Emperor of Rome (Caesar did a lot of the groundwork that led to Rome being an empire, but it didn't all come together until after his death).

Caesar was able to do great things specifically because he was a dictator! Don't get me wrong- when we use the word dictator today, it means something very different from what the Romans meant when they used it. In the Roman Republic, a dictator was someone temporarily appointed in times of crisis to take over and "dictate" what was to be done in order to fix things. Caesar's dictatorship was an extended one (they usually could not last longer that 6 months) and was meant to bring an era of restoration to the republic. 

In addition to deeds listed in the previous answer, Julius Caesar also accomplished the following:

  • Gave rights of citizenship to the Italic tribes outside of Rome
  • Showed mercy to his political enemies (which was not a great move for him because those guys ended up being the ones who killed him)
  • Changed the Senate so that is was more representative of the people
  • Was just in general a man of the people, working for rights and resources for the lower-class people of Rome rather than just the aristocrats 
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The accomplishments of Gaius Julius Caesar (100 BC-44 BC) include:

  • The conquests of Gaul and Britain made the Roman Republic the most powerful in the world.
  • Caesar's allegiance with Cleopatra and Egypt that further extended the power of Rome.
  • An official census
  • Financial rewards to families with many children in order to repopulate the republic.
  • Instituting term limits for governors.
  • Laws that restructured debts.
  • Regulation of state-subsidized grain
  • Land distribution for veterans
  • Calendar reform that created the Julian Calendar.
  • Establishment of a police force.
  • Land reforms.
  • The rebuilding of Carthage and Corinth.
  • Tax reforms.
diana2010 | Student
Julius Caesar was a military genius on the same level as his idol, Alexander. He won spectacular victories even when he was outnumbered. He conquered much of modern France and Germany as well as invading Britain.

He was one of the first Roman politicians to realize that the Roman Republic was on the verge of collapse, since the nobles owned almost all of the land and slaves did all of the work, leaving the poorer Roman citizens jobless. He made several laws that redistributed land and jobs from the nobles.

He developed the Julian calendar. This calendar was almost exactly the same as the one we use now, except that instead of starting from the founding of Rome, we start our calendar from the birth of Jesus. The names of the months still remain (especially July which is named after him).

He was so popular that his fame allowed Augustus Caesar to become emperor. In future empires, his name was also used as a title for Emperors:
Caesar (Byzantine Emperor)
Tsar (Russian Emperor)
Kaiser (German Emperor)
user4896277 | Student

Well one Thing he did was give money to the poor people that needed his help.