What are the good things about London and why? I'm doing a project and need to know facts about London.

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It's a large city , with over 8 million people, and it's surprisingly diverse in its makeup, much like New York or Paris.  It is the historical center of England, and has a rich and long history that has been remarkably well preserved.  It is full of architectural marvels from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, and museums chock full of art and history.

It is directly connected to Paris, France with the Chunnel - a high speed train that runs underneath the English Channel.  It is a green city by modern standards, and has greatly reduced auto emissions by charging a heavy toll for driving into the city.

Libraries, double decker buses, Football passion (the British variety) and a ton of things to do for the traveler makes Britain a truly delightful country to visit.

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One of the particularly great things about London would be its diversity and the eclectic cultural nature of the city.  The ability to visit different parts of the city and experience distinctive aspects of culture in the widest of senses is an attribute of the city.  For example, Kensington and Wembley are two divergent areas, but located in the same city of London.  The history behind the city is also fascinating.  I found the history behind London Bridge, the Strand, as well as seeing the areas that withstood the bombings of the Second World War are loaded with historical narratives and experiences that are wonderful.

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