What is a good thesis topic in the sector of bank and finance or risk management? I am a second-level student and doing Banking and Finance, specifically Investment and Risk Management. In this semester, we have Business Research and Methodology.

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Risk management is an exceptionally broad field, ranging anywhere from investment portfolio risk to supply chain risk. If you have flexibility in the direction you can take your thesis, I would recommend focusing on supply chain risk management. While there is some literature related to the field (see references for examples around it), the practical applications for supply chain risk management are still fairly immature, and firms are very interested in how take the theory and apply it.

An interesting thesis topic would be an assessment of the currently available supply chain risk management tools and how well the tools are applying the applicable research in implementing said tools.

As a starting point, the major players in supply chain risk management tools today are riskmethods, Resilinc, Elementum, and Riskonnect.

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Examples of topics in banking, finance, investment, and risk that you can investigate through HBSWK are the effects of capital requirements on regulated and unregulated banks [banking], rationality or irrationality among investors [finance], quantitative versus qualitative risk management [risk management]. Harvard Business School Working Knowledge (HBSWK) offers a broad range of banking, finance, investment and risk topics with links to synopses of papers and (at least in some cases) to the actual papers.

Questia also offers a topic search that provides research topics in banking, finance, investment and risk. Again, you access topic ideas derived from actual papers or books published, but your free linking options are limited to previews and/ or overview synopses of the publications. This should be no problem and sufficient for generating research topic ideas for your work. Some examples of topics from Questia are the merger of investment banks and commercial banks [banking and investment], fiscal demands springing from changing demographic needs in Asian Pacific economies [finance], evaluating credit risk retention rules relevant to the residential mortgage market [risk management in banking].

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge Research Topics
Questia Topic Generator

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