What is a good thesis statement and two good topic sentences for the theme persecution in Night be Elie Wiesel?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that a thesis statement that connects persecution and Night would be that persecution thrives on silence.  I think that you could go about in proving this in several ways.  The first would be the discussion of Moshe the Beadle, and how his claims that the Jewish people of Sighet were murdered were dismissed by the townspeople.  Eventually, he stops telling his story. The silence of the townspeople towards Moshe along, through no fault of his own, Moshe's silence allows persecution to continue.  I am not suggesting that this act of silence was responsible for the persecution during the Holocaust, but Wiesel is very adamant in his assertion that silence and indifference contributed to the Holocaust.  The townspeople feature silence out of indifference, something that emboldens the perpetrators of cruelty, according to Wiesel.  The second example I would use would be the execution of the little boy in Chapter 4.  Pay attention to how Wiesel describes the silence of the people the camp as they watch this atrocity.  Their silence is out of fear, which is precisely why persecution thrives on silence.  They are not indifferent, but rather shocked and dismayed at their condition.  This causes them to retreat to a silence of horror and sad astonishment.  This is another example of how silence contributes to persecution.