What is a good thesis statement for this: Analyze the significance of the character Gabriel in Lois Lowry's novel The Giver as a whole.   

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In order to create a thesis statement about Gabriel, take into account the facts and details of his life as pertaining to the community and to Jonas. For instance, Gabriel is an innocent victim of the society in which he is born. Because he doesn't sleep through the night, maintain his weight, or develop like the other children, Gabriel must be "released" (killed).  Another aspect about Gabriel is that he has light-shaded eyes like Jonas has. Everyone else has dark eyes so Gabriel's eyes make him unique. It is possible, too, that Jonas and Gabriel could share the same birth mother because of the shade of their eyes. These facts and details make Gabriel significant because he catches Jonas's attention more and more as these characteristics are unveiled. A brotherly connection is solidified when Jonas takes Gabriel into his room at night and soothes him by giving him happy memories. Gabriel is not immune to pain after receiving memories, but Jonas and the reader gain more insight to the purpose of memories through this interaction with Gabriel. Hence, Gabriel is the closest thing to a brother and family that Jonas has. This correlates with the Giver's favorite memory of a family enjoying a Christmas evening together. Gabriel, therefore, is not only a symbol of family for Jonas, but he is also a symbol of the needless efforts lost on a community who "releases" babies who aren't "perfect" in order to secure a "perfect" community.

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