What would be a good thesis statement for "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings?"

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There are some other approaches you could take if the writing prompt is open ended.

One approach to evaluating this story would be to analyze Garcia Marquez’s use of magical realism. Unique to Latin American literature but perfected in his writing, magical realism is defined as the seamless blending of straightforward realism and whimsical elements. You might consider a thesis statement that explains why Garcia Márquez uses the angel and the spider woman within an otherwise realistic story. What is his purpose? What might the angel represent to the Pelayo? Elisenda? The community? What about the Spider Woman?

This analysis would allow you to discuss the role of symbolism, as well.

Another approach you could consider is theme, as other posts suggest. Some alternatives to those already suggested are faith and prosperity. Both of these thematic ideas are addressed within the story.

Good luck!

A thesis statement is a statement that makes an argument. It announces to your reader what you...

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