Big Black Good Man

by Richard Wright

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What is a good thesis statement for Richard Wright's short story "Big Black Good Man"?

Thesis statement for "Big Black Good Man" is that racism is a terrible thing and should be eliminated from our world.

Expert Answers

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I'm assuming you need a thesis statement for an essay. When looking for a thesis statement, look to the literary elements of the story. Theme, conflict, characters, and setting are just a few you can usually rely on when looking for a topic. Consider the racism in the story--why do you think Olaf is racist toward Jim? Is it just that he's black, or are there other reasons? Why is the setting of the story important in this case? Consider that Jim is described as being as black as a person can be, and Olaf is the opposite extreme of whiteness. Wright uses figurative language in this story, just as he does in his others. You could discuss, giving examples from the story, how the figurative language affects the story, and use quotes from the story to support it.

For information on all these literary elements of this story, go to the link below to see all the great stuff enotes has. Good luck!

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