What is a good thesis statement for "Lisa, Bright and Dark"?

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It's not easy for someone to give you a good thesis statement without first knowing how you plan to approach your essay. What in specific are you planning to write about? What point about the book do you want to make? Think about that, and then try to boil it down into one sentence. That will be your thesis statement.

If you're stumped on how to begin, you might try reading a few of the articles here at eNotes. For instance, in the biography of John Neufeld, the author of the book, you'll find this paragraph:

Behind each of Neufeld's works for young people is his strong confidence in the perceptiveness and capabilities of young people, in contrast to the general ineffectuality of adults. "Adults are in many ways simply chicken," says Betsy, the narrator of Lisa, Bright and Dark: Neufeld's treatment of adult society's reaction, and lack of reaction, to issues such as the acceptance of minorities and the handicapped, mental illness, and the understanding of love and sex underscores this philosophy. Neufeld's works center on how the lives of his young characters are changed by their confrontations with such thorny issues.

You might explain what Betsy's statement means by giving examples from the book.

Also, take a look at the essay lab. I've pasted the link for you in the sources section.

Good luck!

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