what is a good thesis statement for a contrast essay of the main characters in cathedral by ray carver?Haing trouble starting it off

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tresvivace eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We would be doing you a disservice to actually write your thesis statement for you, but I can help you brainstorm a bit so that you can write your own thesis.  First, I assume that the two characters you are contrasting are the narrator and the blind man (Robert).  You might also include the narrator's wife if you want to include three characters, but you can certainly develop a solid contrast simply between the narrator and Robert.

Start by making a separate column for each character, and write their characteristics in the separate columns.  Look for a way to summarize the major difference you see in a single sentence.  Just to remind you, as the story begins, the narrator is narrow-minded, bigoted, and irritable.  Robert, on the other hand, is open-minded, outgoing, and expansive in spite of his blindness.  As the story develops, the simple act of tracing the cathedral brings these two men together.  Can you develop a strong sentence using these ideas?  I think you can.  Good luck.  Here is a good article that can give you some ideas for your thesis statement and your essay: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/13368/blind_to_the_truth_blindness_in_raymond.html

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