What is a good thesis statement for an essay on the loss of identity of Ralph, Jack and Piggy from the novel Lord of the Flies?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Consider that with the erosion of the vestiges of society: there is the accompanying erosion of identity in the characters.  For instance, in the exposition of William Golding's allegory, Lord of the Flies, Jack introduces himself as Jack Merridrew, who is the leader of the choir boys.  But, as the boys are distanced more and more from civilization and their former lives, they shed their clothes and their hair grows longer and they regress in their behaviors, Jack loses his last name and even loses his old identity as he paints his face, camouflaging it in order to hunt the feral pigs on the island.

As the hunters become more and more savage, they play at hunting games with one of the boys imitating the pig as the others surround him, bludgeoning him with their spears.  At first they hurt the boy who is inside the circle; later they reach such an irrational frenzy that they no longer recognize Simon who has come from the forest to tell them of the beast.  In an almost orgy of violence, the hunters circle around him and beat him to death.

Therefore, in constructing a thesis, perhaps a statement that it is only a true civilization that provides identity for people would be a good one.  Without the rules and controls of civilization, there is a regression to savagery which erodes individual's distinct identities.

klanglois | Student

Imagine yourself lost in a dangerous land. You are surrounded by others that you do not know. Some may be leaders, followers, bullies, friends-but you all have the same goal-Survival. What will that survival look like for each of you? Will the others stay the same people as when they arrived? Will you? What will you lose? What will you gain? Who will you become? William Golding offers a chilling answer in "Lord of the Flies" as the breakdown of societal rules and norms sends   3 boys plunging into a spiralling horror of surrendering self as old identities erode and become lost to them.

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