What is a good thesis sentence for a character analysis of Richard?

Expert Answers

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Richard provides his own character analysis in his opening soliloquy. This must also be considered Shakespeare's analysis of the man who became Richard III, King of England. Richard tells himself and the audience that he knows he is deformed and ugly. He says half humorously that dogs bark at him when he helts by them. He has decided to become a villain because of his deformity, since he cannot be a dancer or a lover or a graceful courtier. He evidently has an inferiority complex because of his physical condition, and he is full of hatred for people who are favorably endowed. It is an interesting question to consider--whether an unfavorable appearance adversely affects a person's psychology. I think a complete character analysis could be made just from Richard's opening soliloquy, beginning "Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of York." A good thesis sentence would be: Richard provides his own character analysis in his opening soliloquy. And you might use the entire soliloquy or a part of it as an epigraph at the head of your paper. See the character analysis of Richard by clicking on the link below.


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