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by John Kingston

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What is a good thesis regarding redemption in the Kite Runner? I have an in class essay to do regarding the Kite Runner.I was wondering if you had any suggestions or tips.The topic is: Redemption:"There is a way to be good again." Comment on what the Kite Runner suggests about the possibility of redemption.Can you give me a hand finding a thesis and 3 points of enumeration? thank you very muchps. its a grade 11 essay

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That is an intelligent question. I think the first point to consider is to create a good working definition of redemption. You suggest that "being good again," is part of the definition, but there might be more. So, ask yourself what other elements are part of a definition or redemption. I think there should be an element of paying back something or making up for something. I think this is a central aspect of the definition. For example, you can redeem your points for a prize. There is a dynamic of paying back. So, if you failed in the past, your redemption would be to succeed in the present or future. You would have made up for something, or you would have paid your debts. So, how does Amir do this? That might be the best place to start.

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