What is a good theme to write an essay about in Keeping Corner?

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A good theme from Keeping Corner to write an essay about would be the theme of Indian tradition.  In fact, even the title comes from a particular Indian tradition that widows in India must keep themselves confined for an entire year (with their heads shaved) in order to express their grief over their husbands.  This is one of the most important Indian traditions relevant to the plot in that it is exactly what happens to the main character of Leela.  Another tradition you could write about is marrying at an early age.  In fact, Leela is married at the age of nine which is very typical for a privileged child in a Brahman family.  Yet another tradition you could discuss is what happens after a widow "keeps corner."  The widow is bound to be childless and unmarried for the rest of her life.  Because of this particular tradition, it is education and work for civil rights that finally appeals the most to Leela.

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