What is a good team split for the negative team in the debate topic "That we should rock the boat"?

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Assuming four team members, the opening statement could deal with the metaphor itself: Why is it “bad” to rock a real boat. The next debater could summarize the benefits of order, balance, reason. The third debater could concentrate on historical disruption to order: riots, vandalism, natural disasters, errant leaders, revolutions, periods of historical chaos (sudden losses of leadership, etc.). The final debater could sum up with a calm, reasoned summary of the value of order in the progress of humanity so far – scientific method, wise leadership, gradual improvement in social justice, etc. The summation of your argument should restate the metaphor by suggesting what a disaster it is when irresponsible, self-important people “rock the boat”: depressions, loss of safety, and a general “seasickness” for all.