What is a good summary of "The Raven"?I know a lot of you have links to long-winded explanations, but I just want to know a brief description of what is going on WITHOUT ANY LINKS!!! (please)

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is midnight on a cold December night. A man has been reading well into the evening and ruminating about the death of his lover, the "lost Lenore," when he hears a tapping outside. Assuming it is a visitor, he calls out, but there is no answer. Eventually he discovers that it is merely a bird--a raven. Happy for any company, he begins talking to the bird and, like some ravens, the bird can speak--but only one word: "Nevermore." The man begins a long conversation with the bird, and the questions he asks are always answered simply--"Nevermore." The man, in a state of near madness because of his lost love, begins to think that the bird has a higher consciousness whose answers have some great philosophical meaning. He believes the bird has been sent by God to further anguish him. Though he commands the bird to leave, it remains; the man believes it will stay on its hellish roost within the home forever as a reminder of the man's unhappiness and "self-torture."

loverofcucumbers | Student

Ok, I am not actually answering this question,  just thanking the person who answered this above!! I know I worded the question a bit snottily (sorry!) but like the man in the poem, it was midnight, and I was trying to read The Raven but not getting much sense from it. Every answer I looked up here required me to use a premium token to activate and it was ticking me off. So. thank you for saving my middle school English career. I hope you read this!!

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