What is a good summary of  "The Cask of Amontillado" in 4 sentences, and what is the moral lesson of the story?THANX!!!!!!!!!!

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(1) Montesor, a blueblood with an historic name becomes obsessed with revenge against one who fancies himself a wine connosieur; consequently, he lures the inebriated Fortunato to his family catacombs during the noisy revelry of Carnival on the pretext of having the man taste and judge the merits of a cask of Amontillado wine recently purchased.  (2) Feigning concern for Fortunato's cough and the effects of the dampness while offering the connosieur some heavier wine, Montesor lures the drunken, foolishly proud Fortunato into narrow recesses of his family's catacombs; then, at one turn Montesor suddenly fetters Fotunato--too astonished to resist--to a wall. (3) In grotesque fashion, Montesor continues his dialogue with his enemy by responding to Fortunato's desperate plea of "let us be gone" and "for the love of God" with the same words but with a cruel and bizarre turn of meaning. (4) When Fortunato, oddly, becomes quiet in his desperation, Montesor calls to him:  only "a jingling of bells" answers and Montesor finishes the wall he has built, a wall not disturbed for fifty years.

The moral lesson is connected to the horror that the first person narrator creates:  From the point of view of an obsessively disturbed individual, supposed wrongs that are revenged can be justified.

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