What is a good summary of Meditation 17 by John Donne? Needed ASAP

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There are broadly two main ideas in Donne's "Meditation 17," each of which is distilled into a single famous phrase. The first theme is the fundamental unity and connectedness of all human beings. This is what Donne means when he says that "No man is an island." Because no matter how isolated we may think we are, we're still in some way connected to other people. We share a common fate on this planet of ours, and whatever we do in life will affect someone, somewhere, however far apart they are from us, geographically or emotionally.

The second theme is that of death. Donne lived at a time when mortality rates were much higher than they are today. It's not surprising, then, that death was a constant preoccupation for so many people. In fact, death is a common theme of Donne's poetry. In "Meditation 17," Donne uses the symbol of the bell in an expression that has become widely known and cited on numerous occasions ever since:

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind;...

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