Are both good stress and Excessive Self-Involvement  a risk factor for heart disease?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stress can be both good and bad.  Good stress occurs when something good is happening such as a visit from friends, but stress occurs just having their presence in the house because you want them to love being there. If not taken too seriously or for too long, good stress should be ok.  Excessive Self-Involvement creates bad stress which is a risk factor for heart disease.   Being self-involved means that you care about yourself and not others.  People who are only self-involved soon have no friends, no groups to join, or places to go where they are welcome and recognized because others drop away having realized that they don't count for anything in the lives of the self-involved. Almost anything to excess, even good stress,  is not a good thing for your heart; excessive self-involvement and never looking beyond yourself creates high levels of bad stress which raises the risk of heart disease.