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What is a good statement of religion and spiritual diversity in multicultural education?

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A multicultural classroom is one which teaches acceptance of race, gender, cultural, religious, and ethnic diversities. The multicultural teacher is versed on the different cultures and customs within the walls of his or her classroom. Through this education, the teacher is able to mirror behaviors of acceptance and understanding in such a way that students will identify and imitate.

Given that some people get extremely anxious about religion in the classroom, the multicultural classroom's stand on religion is very different. It is not about teaching religion. Instead, the multicultural classroom educates students on the different religious beliefs of the students in order to educate them on the multifaceted nature of religion. Many students who have not been in a classroom represented by multiple cultures and ethnicities do not understand, or even know, religions alternative to their own.

A good statement to make about religion and spiritual diversity in the multicultural classroom is that, in today's day and age, different religions and spiritualities cannot be ignored. It is not about swaying students toward one religion over another. Instead, it is about opening students' minds to a world bigger than their own.

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