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What is a good slogan to persuade people to live in Mohenjo-Daro (based on religion, government, protection, city planning, food, plumbing, jobs, homes, trade, or social structure)?

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Before we come up with some cool slogans, let's first take a look at the history of Mohenjo Daro.

Mohenjo Daro was a city in what historians refer to as the Indus River Valley, one of the oldest agricultural settlements (along with Shang China, Egypt, and Mesopotamiaa). Mohenjo Daro was located on the Indus River and was one of two large cities there; another famous one was Harappa.

Unfortunately, we cannot translate Mohenjo Daro's pictographic alphabet. We have evidence that its people kept records, and we have even found evidence that they traded with their Western neighbors, Mesopotamia, because stone tablets with Indus script have been found in Mesopotamia. But, unlike with Mesopotamia and Egypt, we never uncovered a "Rosetta stone" for the Indus peoples. It also doesn't help that when the Aryans from the north invaded and settled what we would now recognize as India, they removed many traces of Mohenjo Daro's culture.

From archaeological evidence and comparative analysis with other contemporary cultures, we do know some things about Mohenjo Daro. I'll try to keep it relevant to the list you mentioned in your question. Mohenjo Daro had a single ruler, and its social structure would have mirrored the usual—leader on top, then nobility, then merchants and artisans, and peasants on the bottom. It was polytheistic, as many early civilizations were. What was unique about Mohenjo Daro was its advanced sewage system and its grid-like street patterns; clearly, a lot of thought was put into urban planning. There were citadels at the top of the city, where their high position could be used to signal invading groups or offer religious services. Trenches dug from the citadel and down out of the city carried water and waste, keeping the city clean and organized.

If you were to come up with slogans for Mohenjo Daro, I would consider pushing this last aspect. It was what made Mohenjo Daro unique compared to contemporary river valley civilizations. Perhaps something like "Mohenjo Daro: the cleanest city this side of the Ganges!" or "Come for the spice, stay for life!" or "Mohenjo Daro: let our citadel keep you safe!" would work well.

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One problem with this is that we really do not know what life was like outside of Mohenjo-Daro so we don't know what in the city was better than it was outside the city.  So we will simply have to assume that people in other places did not have things that were as good as they were in Mohenjo-Daro.

So, you would want to emphasize the things that were good about the city.  One of the things that seems really impressive to us today is the sanitation.  You could emphasize how that sanitation leads to better public health.  For example "Mohenjo-Daro, where a bath a day keeps the fever demons away."  (They probably didn't know that germs cause illness, but they might have noticed that fewer people got sick when they bathed.

Or you could emphasize the fact that nothing in Mohenjo-Daro has been identified as a palace.  This implies that they did not have a single king who had most of the wealth.  So you could say "Every man a king in Mohenjo-Daro" or "Come to Mohenjo-Daro, where every man is a king."

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