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Pictures of Holliswood is very inspiring story by writer Patricia Reilly Cliff.

Story is about a 12 year old orphan girl named Holliswood,who is a "mountain of trouble",trying to find the place in the world. She has spent her life flitting from one foster home to the next.her one ambition is to find"the perfect family"people who will love her for who she is and never let her go.

Holllis started her life by living with the Regans family but an accident happen in which Steven who is like brother and best friend for her get injured and all the blame comes on Hollis,s shoulder ,than she ran away from there.Holliswood,finally feels like she belongs somewhere she meets her new foster parent Josie.The bond between them grew strong,strengthens as they begin to live together.Josie is an elderly artist who is starting to shows signs of Dementia. She provides Hollis with the imotional safe have she needs. Jossie is patient, non-judgmental and fun loving despite her age,yet it becomes obvious to Hollis that she must assume the role of care giver. Josie forgets things easily and can hardly take care of herself. Hollis has escaped from many homes before and this time she is planning to take Josie and live in the summer houses of Regans,s in branches.Hollis don't know if it is okay for her to stay.She remembers Regans so much,remembering her past family and how ,she was so close with them.

It is long trip but Hollis and Josie finally arrive at the house in branches,after a while Josie gets homesick and misses her cousin Beatrice.Hollis feels that she must take Josie back to home. on her way to the payphone she sees a man in the distance. the man comes closer ,and it turn out to be Steven Regan. Hollis is surprised and filled with joy. Steven has come to ask Hollis to come home. Hollis is happy to go backwith the Regans ,calls Beatrice to come and pick up Josie. Saying goodbye is hard for Hollis but she knew she would see Jesie again.

Hollis comes back home to the Regan family with a surprise of the new baby Christina and she knows that now she has a real family that will accept her for whom she is.


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