What is a good that you think could benefit from guerilla marketing?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that a product that can be best served by guerrilla marketing is something that will resonate in the realm of social media.  For example, I am not sure that I see a brand of ketchup as something that would be best served by guerrilla marketing because it will be difficult to create a viral buzz about ketchup.  I think that something which will allow a sense of viral buzz, the utility of social media, and the deliberate notion for it to be tailor made to the use of information technology as a means to generate discussion and a sense of desire for it are all elements that appeal to the modern notion of guerrilla marketing.  I sense that something that like a cell phone or something related to fashion could represent a good or service that could find itself the benefactor of guerrilla marketing. At the same time, I think that a television show could be a product that could be prime target for guerrilla marketing because television shows are driven by buzz and a sense of sharing that information.  An example of this was seen in the use of guerrilla marketing for the Adult Swim show on the Cartoon Network in 2007 that caused a stir in Boston.  This is an example of a product or good whose direct viability through advertising is the creation of a "buzz" that was realized through guerrilla marketing.  This concept can apply to something that can be shared and experienced through word of mouth via technology.  These are the types of goods or products that I see best served by guerilla marketing.

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