What is a good "what if" scenario for Animal Farm if it was in a different setting? 

What is a good "what if" scenario for Animal Farm if it was in a different setting?


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teachersage eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What if you changed the setting to a school, and called this Animal School? You could have the animals (or rebelling teachers) using the following settings:

The school baseball diamond at night could be where the disgruntled teachers, armed with flashlights, meet after a particularly depressing faculty meeting. At the baseball diamond, the teachers hear a retired teacher talk about a vision of schools run by teachers and students, not principals and bureaucrats.

When they learn they will not be compensated for their time spent preparing lessons over the summer, the teachers could gather in the school library in outrage instead of going to their classrooms. The principal and other administrators could come in and be driven out with a barrage of flying books, with one administrator accidentally smashed and killed by a falling bookcase.

Animal School would have weekly meetings in the auditorium.

The Seven Commandments would be painted on a side wall of the main school building.

Instead of a windmill, the teachers could moonlight in miserable telemarketing jobs to build a teacher-friendly fitness center, complete with a pool, that is then always rented out to other school districts so that the teachers never get to use it. 

The former principal's offices could become luxury quarters for whatever group of teachers emerged as the "pigs" in this scenario: maybe the athletic coaches? Coaches are usually good at inspiring others.