What is a good research paper topic on The Blind Assassin?

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There are several topics you could use. The Blind Assassin is a book that is full of twists and turns. There are so many things going within the book. Iris Chase Griffen tells the story of her long life. She has seen many deaths and many secrets. She and her sister Laura, were raised without a mother. 

You could use a topic on how the pressure Iris felt after her mother died affected the outcome of the events. Is it fair to make an older child feel like they have to raise the younger ones? You could also use a topic of a marriage of convenience. Iris had to marry Richard, because her father thought it would save his factory. Iris did not love him. He was a cruel man. How does this affect the rest of her family, especially her sister, Laura? You could write a topic on jealousy. The two sisters both fall in love with the same man, Alex Thomas. What does jealousy do to siblings? How much does jealousy outweigh love? You could also write a topic on choices. Every life is affected by the choices one makes. How did all the choices that Iris make affect everything and everybody in her life? 

As you can see, there are many topics you can use. Find the one that speaks to you. The Blind Assassin is a wonderfully crafted book that creates many topics for one to use. Within this book, there are so many things you can write a paper on. Margaret Atwood writes a tragic story of the choices the whole family has made. Every choice affects the other. There are clever twists along the way. Pick a topic that speaks to your heart and have fun with it. 

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