What is a good reaction to the book Cinder?

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There are several interesting concepts at play in the novel Cinder that a reader might react to. One of them is the concept of identity and how it determines a person's life. Linh Cinder finds out more and more about her identity as the story progresses. In the beginning, she has no memory of her life before becoming a cyborg. Her life and her perspective slowly change as she learns more and more about her past. By the end of the book, she feels connected to so much more than her life as a mechanic in New Beijing. This discovery of her identity is a fascinating process, particularly as it changes her view of herself and her place in the solar system.

Another reaction might come from an examination of the similarities between Cinder and the tale of Cinderella. An examination of the similarities between Cinder and Cinderella allows us to identify common themes and understand why these themes remain so influential.

It is also interesting to look at the effects of the various technologies. Science fiction often serves as a way to consider the possibilities of technology as well as possible effects. The power the Lunars have to alter the perception of non-lunars is a fascinating idea. It is also one that connects to the idea of "fake-news" and other methods that people have now of altering perception, albeit indirectly.

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