What are good quotes pertaining to Judy Jones' love for money/ social status in "Winter Dreams"?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Fitzgerald's short story gives a great amount in terms of describing the Judy's materialist pursuits.  One of the best instances of this would be when Judy and Dexter are talking after dinner.  It is a moment where there is a burgeoning attraction between them.  When she asks about Dexter and what he does, she cuts to the quick with a great line:  "Are you poor?"  This reflects a great deal about Judy and her pursuits.  The more telling element is the narration that follows.  The moment that Dexter indicates that he is not poor, Judy "smiled and the corners of her mouth drooped and an almost imperceptible sway brought her closer to him."  Such a description helps to bring to light how Judy is literally attracted to money and to the idea of possessing only what she perceives to be the best in everything.  I think that this is a particular moment when Judy's love for money and social status is revealed in its most pure form.

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